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.US TLD Reselling and Hosting Options

The .US TLD is the country code top level domain name for the United States of America. This is one of the generic top level domain names that you can purchase through ResellersPanel is an ICANN Accredited Registrar. The price is only $9.00/year and can be provided for registration and transfer bundled with whois protection with any of the domain name resellers programs.

USA Domain Registration

Those programs will allow you to resell more than 40 different domain name extensions like the: .COM for commercial websites, .NET for networks, .ORG for non-profit organizations, .EU for Europe domains, .CA for Canada domain registration, .CO.UK for UK domain registration and many more. One of the main differences between the two reselling programs is that under the Free Resellers Program the resellers will have the ability to offer preferred currencies to their customer such as $, £, €, C$, A$. This is possible thanks to the fully automatic multi-currency billing system. Where in the cPanel Offshore Web Hosting Reseller Program the billing is covered by the resellers to whom we provide their own ClientExec billing software for free so they can bill their customers in whichever currency they see fit.

In this article we would like to emphasize on a hosting solution which is included in the Free Resellers program. That service in particular is called Semi-Dedicated Server plans (Semi-dedicated 1 and Semi-dedicated 2) which cost $25.00 and respectively $45.00 (prices are on monthly basis). This is just one of the reseller hosting platforms. Join us for Free and learn the full potential for profit from re-selling domain names and hosting services - start your own business hosting company today!

Semi-Dedicated Servers Hosting

Resell the .US TLD with Semi-Dedicated Server packages

The .US domains & Semi-Dedicated Servers can be resold from any Free Reseller Program member. Its main purpose is to offer higher hardware resources as well as unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The Semi-Dedicated Servers program operates like a large Shared Hosting Plan with the same control panel. At some points it can easily surpass the hardware power of the Virtual Private Servers (commonnly reffered to as VPS) packages. Only the Dedicated Servers can surpass the the Semi-Dedicated servers in any way but the pricing: Semi-Dedicated one is only $25.00 per month and Semi-Dedicated two is $45.00 per month.

To sum up all if you want more than a Linux web hosting package but you don't want to deal with server management and you don't need root access to the machine, the Semi-Dedicated Server is the way to go.